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Looking for a Mah Jongg instructor in your city?  This is where you can find a listing of contacts.  Teachers:  please submit your location, first name (last initial if desired) & email contact.

Location                                Teacher                    Contact Information

Arizona, Phoenix                                 Terry                                 (American Version)

California, L.A.                                    Elaine S.                                 (American Version)

California, L.A. (Westlake, Malibu)      Jan                              (Asian & American Versions)   (Santa Barbara,too)

California, L.A.                                   Joyce                              (American)

California, L.A.                                   Tom S.                       (several variants)

California, Los Gatos                           Karen P.                     (American Version)

California, San Diego                                   Rita K.                       (American Version)

California, San Fernando Valley            Judi N.             (American Version)

California (SF, Oakland, Peninsula )           Marc  W.                      (American Version)

California, Santa Monica                     Johni L.                                  (American Version)

California, Visalia (Bakersfield/Fresno)       Bea M.                             (American Version)

Colorado, Centennial                           Jan F.                                   (American Version)

Connecticut, Old Saybrook                   April F.                           (Asian Version)

Florida, Fort Myers                              MariAnne M.       (American Version)

Florida, Fort Myers                               Jenny C                    (American Version)

Florida, Jacksonville                             Jon                          (Classic Chinese, Hong Kong Old Style)

Florida, Jacksonville                            Carrie                          (American)

Florida, Naples to Ft. Myers                 Phyllis C.                                 (American Version)

Florida, St. Petersburg                        Judi M.                    (American Version)

Florida, W. Palm Beach                       Arlene S.                (American Version)

Chicago, IL                                      Arlene R.                          (American Version)

Illinois, Lake Forest                         Stephanie V.             (American Version)

Illinois, Quincy                                   Peggy L.                        (American Version)

Kansas, Overland Park                        Susan Z.                             (American Version)

Louisiana, New Orleans                      Harriet K.                                   (American Version)

Maryland, Baltimore                           Lois M.                                  (American Version)

Maryland, Columbia                            Linda                          (American Version)

Maryland, Rockville                            Sheryl G.                     link to email                              (American Version)

Mass., Boston/Brookline                    Dianne M.                             (American Version)

Mass, Boston                                    Rebecca S.                  (Chinese Version)

Michigan, Ann Arbor                          Stuart Baggaley           (Chinese Version)

Michigan, Battlecreek                        Judi M.                      (American Version)

Michigan, Spring Lake                        Mary Ann W.      (American Version)

Missouri, Kansas City (Lees Summit, too)   Gloria M.                           (Asian Version)

Missouri, Kansas City                          Susan Z.                            (American Version) 

New Jersey, Princeton                        Neilia                            (American Version)

New Mexico, Albuquerque                   Cindi H.              (American Version)   

New Mexico, Ruidoso                         Lyn K.                      (American Version)

New York, Ithica (summer months)     Barbara B.                      (American Version)

New York, Katonah                              Arlene B.                               (American Version)

New York, Long Island                        Alex P.                        631-585-2832 phone                  (American Version)

New York, Long Island                        Ling M.                      (American Version)

New York, Manhattan                        Elissa M.                              (American Version)

New York, New York                            Linda F.                    (American Version)

New York, New York                            Caryn                                     (American Version)   (Queens/Nassau County/Bronx, too)

New York, Suffren County                          Fran G.                                          (American Version)    

New York, Westchester Country           Katie                                     (American Version)

New York, Westchester                       Janice R.                            (American Version)

New York, Waterport                          Mary B.                         (American Version)

North Carolina, Charlotte                    Susan E.                (American Version)

North Carolina, Sapphire                    Jenny C.                    (American Version)

Oklahoma, Broken Arrow                    Colleen               (American Version)

Bend, Oregon                                     Shirley W.                          (American Version)

Beaverton, Oregon                             Susan H.                              (American Version)

Eugene / Springfield , Oregon            Jeanne B                          (American Version)

Pennsylvania, Yardley                         Neilia                             (American Version)

South Carolina, Charleston (Kiawah Island)      Barbara B.                          (American Version)

Texas, Arlington                                Anita C.                     (American Version

Texas, Dallas                                      Marlene S.                (American Version)

Texas, Dallas                                      Harriet H.                               (American Version)

Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth-Denton         Kelli K.                                  (American Version)

Texas, Houston                                   Linda B.                        (American Version)

Texas, Houston                                   Donna B.               (American Version)

Texas, Houston                                   Judy D.                                   (American Version)

Texas, Houston / Clear Lake                Diane R.                      (American Version)

Texas, Midland-Odessa                        Picce (Pixie)                    (American Version)

Texas, San Angelo                               Betty M.            (Am., Wright Pat, Asian)

Texas, San Angelo                               Betty M.               (American Version)

Texas, San Antonio                             Sue B.                           (American version)

Seattle, Washington                            Cindi L.                   (Asian Version)

Vancouver, Washington                        Janet W.                    (American Version)



Looking for a Tournament to play in?  Find Non-Profit or Social tournaments here.  Since so many players are willing to travel to tournaments, I am listing these by date as a first priority, not city.  Directors: Please request the link be removed when your reservations are full and no new reservations are being taken. Information can be emailed now.


Date              Club or Charity         Location                 Contact

4/19-26/09   Travel Wizard            Cruise               

7/13-15/09    Roaring Dragons     Windstar Casino / Oklahoma

11/13-15/09  MJ Kahahari          Wisconsin Dells, WI 

11/30-12/4/09                             Cruise (Port Canaveral)                         

various              Naples Mah Jongg Magic           Naples, Florida             

various              Bill & Judi Fun Days          Southern California

Future Mah Jong Cruises planned from TRAVEL WIZARD                        (















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